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Pet Vaccine Clinics Discontinued 

Please join us at our next vaccine clinic!

Sign in to the clinic time is 1 PM to 3 PM.  YOU AND YOUR PETS MUST BE PRESENT BY 3 PM TO BE SEEN THAT DAY.  We will stay as long as it takes to get all the pets that ARRIVE BEFORE 3 PM seen on that day.   Thank you for your patience.

We will make every effort to hold our vaccine clinics on the dates as advertised.   However if the weather is or has been rainy, please call ahead before bringing your pet(s).  PLEASE CALL 214-636-1063 or para Espanol and English 956-312-7142.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE AUTOZONE or DOLLAR TREE STORE!!!!!  They are busy and they do not have the information you might need.

Please park legally and in appropriate spaces. Please bring your pets on leashes or in carriers.  

Covid-19 prevention still in effect!!  Please limit visitors to only 1 person per pet.  You may and are encouraged to bring a second person with you to wait in the car with the AC on with your pet when the weather is hot or humid.  Please allow our staff to hold your pets.  Please practice social distancing from our staff and other clients.  Please wear your facial covering over your mouth and nose.

If your dog is a brachycephalic breed, such as Bulldog, Pug, Boston Terrier, Shih Tzu, Pekingese, keep the dog in the car with air conditioning on till it is time for it to receive services.  We will call you to let you know when it is their turn.  These short nosed round faced dogs are extremely sensitive to heat and can die in a fairly short amount of time when exposed to hot & humid conditions especially when they are excited about being around other dogs.  Please bring an extra person to wait with them in the vehicle and keep them cool till it is their turn.  We will call you at that time and we can even come to the vehicle to provide the services if needed.

We look forward to seeing you and your pets soon.


THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Dr. Jeanne Oehler the veterinarian.

Los Fresnos

First Saturday Monthly


Time: 1PM-3 PM  

Location: AutoZone across from Lopez Supermarket

on Hwy 100

902 W. Ocean Blvd.

Los Fresnos, TX 78566


Heartworm Tests & Prevention!

Flea & Tick Prevention!

Laguna Vista

Third Saturday Monthly


Time: 1 PM-3 PM

Location: Roloff Park under the large gazebo in SE corner of park

122 Fernandez St. just off

Santa Isabella Blvd

Laguna Vista, TX 78578

Heartworm Test & Prevention!

Flea & Tick Prevention!



Time: 1 PM -3 PM

Location:  DOLLAR TREE

2400 Boca Chica Blvd      

Brownsville, TX  78521  

Flea and Tick Prevention!

Heartworm Prevention!​


Please park in side parking lot or if it is full park in front lot, but please leave spaces closest to the store available for Dollar Tree customers.  Please bring no more than one person per pet to check them in and one more to wait with pet in the air conditioned car, social distance and wear your facial covering.  Thank you!


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